Make the Most Dangerous
Room in the HouseSAFEPrevent Slips and Falls with a Walk-In Bathtub

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Make Daily Life More Dignified, Easier, and Safer

Bathing is something that most people do every day. The option to bathe yourself in privacy can restore much needed self-confidence, dignity, and enjoyment of your daily activities. Without the need to rely on others you can maintain autonomy and the convenience of bathing on your schedule.

No More Worrying About the Safety of the Ones You Love

You can worry much less about your nearest and dearest safety by reducing the chances of slipping and falling in the bathroom. No more wondering if they have fallen and can’t get up, or are acceptable. You can rest easier, knowing they aren’t in danger by adding mobility equipment.

Prevent Becoming Seriously Injured from Slip and Falls

Getting in and out of the tub is among the most dangerous tasks our elderly and disabled friends perform. You can considerably reduce the chance of a serious injury due to slipping, tripping, and falling by installing an accessible walk-in tub. One fall could serious injury and significantly reduce mobility and lifespan.

Convenient, Affordable, Proven

Walk-In Bath installation service is fast and friendly from start to finish. Most Walk-In Baths are installed in one to two days. We are always clean and courteous, pouring over every detail to make sure you’re completely satisfied with your new Walk-In Bath.


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